Meeting Info

2017 4th Quarter Meeting -

Date: Wednesday 29 November 2017
Time: 1900
Spot: Shaun O'Donnell's - Smith Tower
Host: SCFD7 - Rob Fisher
Topic: Leadership

Flyer soon.

All Members of the Fire Service are invited to attend Quarterly Meetings, Career or Volunteer. Membership is NOT required. We are an inclusive organization!


Membership is not required to attend our quarterly meetings and normal functions.  We strongly enough all members of the Fire Service to attend our meetings and training events.

Membership applications are available at our quarterly meetings.  Sponsorship is required to join our Chapter.  You must have a member in good standing sponsor your application.  We ask this of prospective members because we would like them to attend a few meetings, and get to know the organization before joining.  We would like active members who participate in the various events and meetings we host.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please Email us!