May 22, 2014

Snohomish County Fire District #25 - OSO Landslide Donations

This a bit late, but you can still donate.  See info below. 



As you know the OSO area has been hard hit both in resource needs and financial challenges with the SR530 Landslide that occurred on March 22, 2014. Snohomish County Fire District #25 is a 16 member all volunteer organization who proudly serve the OSO area.  Since the day of the slide Volunteer Fire Chief Harper has been a key contact and representative for the OSO area and continues to be an important part of the recovery process for the area.  During this time Chief Harpers non-fire service employer had been paying his wages and benefits up till April 30th.  The employer has felt that this was their way of giving back during such a devastating event.  Chief Harper has not been at his job since the day of the slide. 

Chief Harpers duties moving forward are estimated by many to require him have an active role as a full time fire chief for the next year at a minimum. Due to the economic loss over the past few years, the size of a small fire district and that of the recent landslide there is now an effort to secure full time funding for his position for the next 12 months.  This is a needed position that the Fire District cannot afford to fund on their own. Many things have been done to make this need a reality. 
·         The Commissioner of Snohomish County Fire District #25 have passed a resolution accepting and administering financial donations for the position.
·         The Fire One Foundation has agreed to be the collection point for all funds received to fund the position.
·         Snohomish County will administer the payroll for the position.
·         Fire Chief Harpers civilian employer has graciously granted him a leave of absence to assist the Fire District.  They have guaranteed his job will be waiting for him at the end of his assignment.

With all of these items in place we are now asking you to help in make this a reality for the community in which Fire District #25 serves by doing one or all of the following. 
·         Give to the Fire One Foundation to support this effort.
·         Forward this and/or talk with your contacts both professional and personnel who may wish to help.

 Please send all donations to :

Fire 1 Foundation
            PO Box  12915
            Everett WA 98206
Attention: Snohomish County Fire District #25 Fund

On behalf of Fire District #25 and the OSO area thank you for time and support in this drive to fund this position for the next year.  If you or others have any questions concerning this drive please feel free to contact:

Steve Mason / 425-754-2182 / Shaughn Maxwell / 425-754-2285